34 years of Mahaan : Amitabh

Power packed performance of superstar Amitabh Bacchan, is bound to set Cinema Halls on fire.

But, just imagine, his charisma being tripled. The film would have of course set records of its own. And, what better way to name such a movie, than Mahaan.


S. Ramanathan’s action drama was released in 1983. And, is celebrating the 34th anniversary today.

The film is a remake of the Kannada film Shankar Guru (1978) that stars Rajkumar. Amitabh Bachchan was playing a triple role in the film after playing double roles in several of his earlier films. The concept of a ‘triple role’ was unusual.

Amitabh as Vikram Singh, is framed in a false case, and in rage kills a man. His pregnant wife (Waheeda Rehman) gives birth to twin sons, Guru and Shankar, while Vikram runs for his life.

A couple steals Guru and he later becomes a theater artist, while Shankar remains with his mother and becomes a cop. Amitabh played roles of both Guru and Shankar

Various twists and turns, ensure that the family reunites, after lots of drama.

The movie was received well and celebrated golden jubilee (3 shows) in South India and in rest of the India it celebrated silver jubilee (3 shows).

Kudos to Amitabh for playing the roles of father and his twin sons, with such elan.

Best thing is, you can watch this entire movie online for free on YouTube!

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