A torrent vending machine!

Source: Torrent Freak
Imagine walking into a mall and coming across a vending machine, which sort of looks like an ATM machine.

Instead of dispensing money, it allows you to plug in your USB drive and copy illegally downloaded movies from the internet for a small price!

While this may sound like a hoax or a dream, the fact is, it is a reality in the African nation of Ethiopia!

As per a Torrent Freak reader, who came across this in Ethiopia, “At first I assumed these movies had their rights lifted or something because well, you know, but then I later found out that the movies I had first seen were just there on release day. Apparently the maintenance guy torrents all day and stores the data on his drive, the drive shown by the SwiftMedia monitor. This would not have been a big deal as this is Ethiopia and the allegedly democratic government has bigger issues.”

Packages start at 25, 50 and 100 birrs (Rs. 70, 140 and 280). Feature movies cost between 3 to 5 Birr (Rs. 8 to 14) and funnily enough, older movies and documentaries cost more than the new movies or TV shows!

Source: Torrent Freak

While this is certainly illegal in pretty much all parts of the world and sort of beats the pirated movie markets in India eg. Gaffar and Palika with ease of use and presentation. It does show an innovative way for the studios to sell their movies to customers, if they adopt customer friendly measures and prices.

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