All you need to know about MET Gala

The Annual MET Gala event has taken the world of Fashion and Film by storm. The 2017 edition kick-started on 1st May 2017 and has already created quite an uproar.

But what exactly is MET Gala. Let’s dig a little deeper and unearth the mystery :

  • MET Gala is an annual fundraising event celebrated at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
  • Metropolitan_Museum_art_1914

  • The fund raised by the event are used for the Costume Institute.
  • In May, every year, exhibition by Costume Institute is announced and a grand opening heralds the beginning.
  • Celebrities from Fashion and Film industry throng to prestigious MET Gala to walk on the red carpet and be a part of MET Ball.
  • MET Gala, is considered even bigger than the Oscar’s.
  • Each year, a theme is set for the Ball and all the celebrities conform to that theme on Main event.
  • met-gala-ball

  • Prior to that, lots of press coverage is given to the Red carpeted walks, organized at Metropolitan Museum and hugely covered by popular International media.
  • The Gala has been organized since 1946 annually and begins on first Monday of May. A Costume exhibition is held, based on the theme chosen for that year.
  • As the event is attended by all the high profile national and international actors, artists, fashionistas and high society people, it is extensively reported in Media.
  • rihanna-met-gala-2017

  • It was only thrice in 1991-92, 2000-2001 and 2001-02, that Gala was held but no costume exhibition occurred.
  • On first day of the event, Museum is closed for general public. And then expensive tickets are sold for a Dekko at the Museum exhibition.
  • The final guest list of MET Gala is restricted to just 600-700 guests and among celebrities, there is a cut throat unsaid competition for being hailed as the best dressed, well photographed, critically admired prestigious guests of the event.
  • katy-perry-met-gala-2017

  • There are Honorary event day Chair for Gala. In 2013, it was held by Beyonce and in 2017, it would be shared by Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams
  • The theme for 2017 Costume Exhibition is Rei Kawakubo – Comes Des Garçons, focussing first time on a live designer after Yves Saint Lorrent in 1983.
  • Rei_Kawakubo

  • Last year’s MET Gala was dominated by Madonna’s controversial dress, wherein she appeared with exposed breasts and buttocks!
  • madonna-met-gala-2016

MET Gala 2017 has already begun on May 1st and it would be interesting to watch celebrities sashay down the Red Carpet. Keep watching this space for more action.

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