Asian Women Getting Super Rich

Recently Forbes released the list of Super Rich 2017 and the results are astonishing!

For the first time in history, 56 self-made women entered the list of Billionaires! A mind blowing jump from just 3 in 2001!


Scales are also tilting heavily in favor of Asian Women, as 17 of the 56 women, entering the Billionaire mark are from Asia. Particularly from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam. In fact, world’s richest self-made woman is from Hong Kong only.

Zhou Qunfei, the richest and youngest self-made woman has topped the list for second year in a row. Her net wealth amounts to $7.4 Billions. And source of her wealth is her publicly traded Lens Technology.

Source: Forbes

Her company is based in China and manufactures glass covers for mobiles and tablets. It boasts of prestigious clientele like Samsung and Apple. And she is definitely one of the fastest rising women entrepreneurs of the world.

As per Forbes, 2017 has proved to be a record breaking year for self made women Billionaires. While last year there were only 42 women with 10 digit mark wealth. This year, there are in total 56 women. Out of whom, 15 are newcomers. And the most surprising fact is that 13 of the newcomers are from Asia only.

China is on top of the list with 21 women Billionaires, followed by US at only 17.

Though, the total percentage of wealth possessed by the self-made women of the list, amounts to a minuscule number i.e. 2.7% only. But considering the fact that the total wealth accumulated by Self-made women have crossed 100 billion marks is an achievement in itself. Net worth of Billionaires all over the world amounts to a stupendous $7.7 Trillion!

2017 has seen a surge in self-made women’s riches like never before. Though their net worth still accounts to only 16% of that of total female Billionaires of the world. The fact that that this percentage was only 8 in 2012, proves that women are increasingly getting independent and leaving a mark in Industry and Commerce, relying less on inherited wealth and creating their own niche in the World!

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