ATMs out of service for several months in Kaza!

Travelers and locals are facing a unique hardship in Kaza; SBI, as well as Kangra Central Cooperative Bank’s ATMs, have been out of order for the past several months.

Forcing locals to travel to Tabo to withdraw money. While travelers arriving in Kaza in larger and larger numbers due to summer are facing a similar problem and are being forced to travel back to Tabo to withdraw money or borrow it from the locals!

While it is recommended for those traveling to off beat or remote areas to always carry enough cash with them. Not everyone follows this golden rule of travel, invariably encountering a hardship they can do without, on a holiday.


As for the PSU banks in question, they shrugged off the matter stating this is due to old ATM machines, which stop working due to extreme cold causing their belts to crack. Even though SBI ATM stopped working 9 months ago i.e. during summer last year.

In the meanwhile, those planning to travel to Kaza or Spiti, please carry enough cash for your need and a little extra to deal with any small emergency. Do not depend on the ATM in Tabo either, since it too can easily go out of cash or become inoperable due to poor telecom infrastructure in Spiti Valley.

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