Bahubali 2: Larger than Life or Exactly like Life

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, may have been promoted as a superb special effects movie, with Larger than Life stunts being pulled off, by two great looking, muscle bulging actors, out to impress the populace with their sheer strength.

However, as I watched the movie, I could not help but admire the ironies of life, being played in the movie so convincingly. The characters appeared and behaved in such a realistic manner that I couldn’t resist interpreting their actions in detail. Let’s delve a little deeper and see them reveal their true colors.

1. Bahubali


Portrayed as a kind hearted prince, doting son and dutiful husband, Amrender Bahubali touched many chords in my heart. After all, Prabhas the Charmer, came across as a perfect king, son and lover. His charisma and charitable attitude, seemed too good to resist.

However, as I scratched beneath, I found a man torn between mother and wife, constantly engaged in a tussle with his cousin, and an unwitting victim of his uncle’s envy and hatred. He seemed fit for the dictum that, being good is never enough in politics. You need to have a ruthless determination and tactical brilliance to rule a kingdom.

And, sadly Bahubali was too good to understand this quintessential Rajneeti Sutra. And, became a sitting duck for all the political ploys and deadly plots, connived against him.

2. Devasena


She came across as a perfect counterfoil to Bahubali. A hot headed woman with iron will and fearless mind. In fact, it was her fighting spirit, that made Bahubali fall in love with her. The tactics employed to win her heart, were sweet.

Once again I could see the magic of Rajamouli’s hero, subtly taming the fierce female lead, bringing her in touch with her own feminity. It reminded me of the ethically shot famous disrobing scene from Bahubali the Beginning.

But, thereafter Deva sena actually faltered as a heroine. Her scathing tongue and thoughtless behaviour ended up instigating Sivagami against Bahubali. As a wife, her actions can be defended. But, as a would be queen, she certainly fell short and unwillingly brought her husband down.

The scene, where Bahubali beheaded senapati in Court, may have established him as a perfect husband. But, in reality, he had ruined all his chances to be a king, the moment, he failed to contain his wife’s harsh speech in the court as well as at pre natal ceremony.

3. Sivagami


Sivagami was the third angle of the goody goody triangle of this movie. She was a strong, level-headed woman, fit to handle the reins of a kingdom. And, indeed, her choices and decisions were spot on regarding Bahubali’s anointment as a king

However, in a weak moment, her motherly love took over and in a desperate attempt to pacify Bhallal Dev, she promised him Devasena and became a puppet in his hands. Often, in love, we overstretch ourselves, to our own detriment.

As expected by Bhallal, she also got embroiled in a scathing ego war with her daughter in law. And, became one of the worst and most fierce adversary to Bahubali, leading him onto death bed.

4. Bhallal Dev

Bhallal Dev

He was the perfect villain. A perfect opponent for Bahubali. Equal in strength and yet ruthlessly ambitious and cunning to the point of being cruel. He set his target early on and achieved his goals.

But, as is human nature, he craved for attention and affection, readily showered upon Bahubali. He got besotted with killing Bahubali, torturing Devasena and avenging upon Mahender, to such an extent that all his wins mattered to nothing. A formidable king he could have been, yet he remained unpopular dictator.

5. Katappa


And then there was Katappa, on whom the entire film was marketed for more than a year. Why he killed Bahubali had become talk of town. But, as I watched the movie, the question receded into background as an overhyped gimmick. And I could envision him as a loyal man overcommitted to his job!

Despite being lovingly called Mama by Bahubali, alas the man did not rise above slavery. His very soul was fettered with chains. And, he remained so till the very end, by defending his actions, and working in absolute tandem with his ideals of loyalty and subservience!

Yes, such is irony of life. Emotions are as complicated as politics and often, it is our thoughts that govern our destiny.

As I watched the movie, all these characters acted out in predictable manner. And, in a good way, ensured that I find Bahubali 2 life like despite hyper innovative chariots, interesting weapons, unheard war strategies and well executed fight scenes. Ironical! Yes, that’s life!!

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