Bezel-less smartphone from Samsung

It seems the future of smartphones is a completely bezel-less design, as per a Samsung smartphone patent discovered by the Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital.


Unlike the current “bezel-less” designs in the market, there are no notches or even a tiny bit of bezel on this smartphone by Samsung. And the display curves 180 degrees around the top, bottom and sides of the phone to provide a beautiful edge display with no bezels or volume buttons.

Though that also means there is no space for a conventional front-facing camera unless Samsung has come up with a way to embed it underneath the display.

There are also speculations that this phone will finally feature a fingerprint reader underneath the screen, though whether or not it is there, it won’t be as revolutionary as a camera underneath the screen with the working screen on top of it.

Of course, only time will tell, in what shape or form this phone would eventually be released by Samsung. Though it isn’t hard to imagine a future where the smartphone only consists of a thin screen and nothing else.

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