Bollywood skips Vinod Khanna’s funeral!

Yesterday one of the stalwarts of Entertainment Industry left for heavenly abode.

Though lots of support pour out in favor of Vinod Khanna’s sad demise. And, even premiers and shootings were cancelled by some banners, to pay tribute to the actor.

Yet, the funeral and prayer meet held in the later part of the day, was poorly attended. Very few people, especially big names, chose to come forth. None of the high profile actors, directors, producers could be seen, offering condolences to aggrieved Khanna family.


And, Rishi Kapoor, who is known for his frank tweets, did point it out brazenly in a series of tweets on his official account.

He even compared the thin presence at prayer meet with the huge turnout at Priyanka’s bash just a night before.

The young generation of actors, producers, directors as well as the leading ladies of Vinod Khanna’s golden years, were blasted off by Rishi in a sentimental outburst.

He has asked an important question. Has the Industry lost its human face, and has now become a brazen commerce endeavor. Where no emotions or connections matter anymore. Or is it just a reflection of increasing Social Apathy.

Well, the question remains unanswered. And, after Feroz Khan and Rajesh Khanna, last journey of Vinod has also become another sad example of Industry’s insensitivity towards one of their own!!


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