Couples Who Lose Together; Stay Together

Be it your career, social status or even love, success acts as a magnet. The higher you are on winning strata, the better chance you get to hobnob with the uber cool guys and girls.

However, when it comes to Wonder Couple like Ronnie Brower and Andrea Marsella, success mantra is exact opposite. They met when they were struggling the most, stood through thick and thin. Became the celebrity couple, who lost 300 kgs between them. And made a brief appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America just before they got married last week!

The Syracuse couple have become famous for all the weight reasons. Of course, when you are Ronnie Brower, losing stupendous 170 kgs, you are definitely at the highest point of people’s envy!


Ronnie, a New Yorker who was told by his doctor, 04 years ago that he would die within a couple of years. He was so fat and so much addicted to food, alcohol and drugs that it was difficult for him to move around in the house itself, leave alone going out or socializing or doing a job.

And, then a miracle happened. One of his friends brought him in contact with Mission Gym trainer, who motivated Brower enough to lose almost 50 kgs in just 100 days.

Ronnie says that for first few days, he was only able to move his arms up and down, while sitting on a chair. And, even this moderate exercise was enough to bring the scales down drastically.

One thing led to another. Ronnie joined the gym, gained confidence after losing 100 pounds in 100 days and began chronicling his weight loss journey on Facebook. After he had lost almost half of his initial weight, he met Andrea Marsella, a hairdresser by profession, who was herself suffering from weight issues.

In Andrea’s own words, she was impressed with Ronnie’s determination and found him cute, falling in love with him at first sight. And, there began the best phase of their life, with a single motto loseweight-gainlove.


When a couple have a single goal and work towards it in a dedicated manner, their lives are sure to intertwine in an immortal bond. For two years continuously, Ronnie and Andrea made weight loss, the only agenda of their lives. They used games such as ping pong and basketball as their dates and worked out at gym together, in the name of quality time.

With Ronnie juggling two jobs simultaneously, as a driver and loading dock worker. And, Andrea standing by his side through a series of surgeries, he had to undergo to remove excess skin. Their journey is sure spellbinding.

Their hard work paid off and recently they got married, becoming the first ever couple to lose 600 pounds!


Fat lost. Love won. And the couple who lost together, are now grinning widely.

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