Deepika Vs Priyanka at MET Gala

What a grand day, it has been for Bollywood today. With not one, but two beauties making their debut in the prestigious MET Gala event, annually held at Metropolitan Art Museum in New York.

While PC looked stunning in high slit, impossibly long train-ed Ralph Lauren Trench Coat. Deepika pulled off a charming Princess look in Vanilla colored low back Gown by Tommy Hilfiger.


Deepika looked classy and simple. Adorned from head to toe in white, complete with jeweled straps and a hair band, she was every inch a stunner.

However, as compared to Priyanka’s experimental Trench Coat Dress, Deepika looked staid and boring. Especially since MET Gala, is a place for novelty and experiments.


As the event heralds Annual Themed Costume Exhibition, the participating celebrities are supposed to follow the chosen theme. And, as this is the year of Avant garde Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, Deepika’s dress failed to impress.


Kawakubo is famous for turning the usual idea of beauty on its head. Her designs are usually limbless and defy the socially accepted standards of beauty and fashion. Keeping in mind, her unique ideas, wife of honorary Chair celebrity of this year, Pharrell Williams, has in fact, opted for an inflated, red colored outfit without arms!


Katy Perry, Rihanna and others also appeared in Avant Garde costumes, while a few adorned only beads and laces as dresses last year. In times of such experiments, Deepika’s choice failed to impress, while Priyanka grabbed eyeballs, while posing on Stairs, and for making a grand entry with Nick Jonas.

The Bollywood Beauties are getting popular. Be it Aishwarya, Sonam, Deepika or Priyanka, finally the world is waking up to India’s potential.


Priyanka has been making right moves so far and her first Hollywood movie Baywatch is slated for May 25th. Let’s wait and watch whether she overtakes Deepika in Hollywood as well as she has done at MET Gala!

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