DJI launches Spark, mini drone

When it comes to drones, DJI is one brand that immediately comes to mind. And DJI has now launched its first mini drone, Spark.


Weighing in at just 300 gms, DJI Spark is really small and comes equipped with a 12-megapixel camera, which is capable of shooting videos at 1080p and even has a 2-aixs mechanical gimble and UltraSmooth technology to ensure you get smooth videos and blur free photos!

Priced at US$ 499 for the retail package consisting of DJI Spark, a battery, a USB charger and three pairs of propellers or US$ 699 Spark Combo package containing Spark, two batteries, four pairs of propellers, a remote controller, propeller guards, a charging hub, a shoulder bag and all necessary cables, DJI Spark is not only compact, it is relatively cheap as well.

However, what makes DJI Spark special is the fact that it is positioned more as a flying camera than a drone with a camera! With plenty of automation, it will let you concentrate on getting your photo and video taken through it, rather than flying and positioning it. Sort of like a flying selfie stick, only a bit expensive and with dramatic reach :D.

DJI Spark has a 1,480 mAh battery, which has a rated flight time of 16 minutes (no wind at a consistent 20 kph) and max speed of 50 kph in sports mode (without the wind).

DJI Spark is available for preorder at Amazon US and will start shipping in mid-June.

Sadly Indian buyers will have to privately import it and with government policies making it hard to legally buy and fly drones in India, it will likely remain a dream for many, except the really enthusiastic.

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