Facebook to add 3,000 moderators!

Love it or hate it, truth is, you cannot ignore Facebook today and how massive it has become.

With over 1.9 billion users worldwide, it has also become, sort of the wild west of the internet with trolls, pedophiles, bullies and all sorts of criminally inclined individuals trying to abuse the services of Facebook.

Lately, a new trend has emerged of live streaming crimes and suicides. Be it assault or rape or people committing suicide. People are broadcasting such videos live or uploading them later and sadly enough, people are logging into watch such deplorable acts!

Facebook is trying to do what it can to prevent this and while algorithms and machine learning is its first line of defense, it needs more and more human moderators to monitor such acts.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced, Facebook would be adding 3,000 people to its community operations team around the world. Facebook already has 4,500 individuals working around the world on ensuring better compliance with its policies.

We feel it is a step in right direction by Facebook, though it might not be enough, as more and more people join in and sort of look for their 2 minutes of fame, at all costs. Worst still, the hunger in people to consume such content is only going to entice more people to live stream crimes and suicides. And if the Facebook does not acts now, governments the world over might. That is the last thing Facebook wants and it seems to be taking steps in the right direction!

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