Free data for Vodafone users!

It just keeps getting better and better for the mobile phone users in India, with the data price war that Reliance Jio has ensued in the market.

Vodafone for its part, not to be left behind, has not only raised the data limits and introduced unlimited calls on its RED plans, but is also offering even more data for free!


To avail this free data offer, all you have to do is visit and enter your mobile phone number and then choose the free offer you’re presented with.

I had the option of opting for 9 GB data each month for 3 months or 3 GB data each month for 12 months. Since I already had 8 GB data on my plan, I opted for the 12-month offer.

Funnily enough, when I logged into My Vodafone app to confirm whether or not I had actually received free data, I was presented with another free offer from Vodafone. 8 GB free data for 3 months!

This essentially means, my 8 GB/month plan now has 19 GB/month for the next 3 months and 11 GB/month for 9 months after that!


While it remains to be seen how long these price wars will go on and eventually, where the market would settle. At least for now, the consumer seems to be the king, getting benefits of this price war between mobile phone operators.

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