Google Chrome to start blocking ads!

Google Chrome is currently the most widely used internet browser in the world and Google’s AdWords/AdSense ad network is the largest online ad publishing network in the world. So when Google starts talking about blocking online ads in Google Chrome by default, it is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Yet, this is exactly what Google intends to do, starting early next year!


Google is a part of Coalition for Better Ads, an advertising industry trade group, which calls for better user experience by utilizing ads which are unobtrusive and do not interrupt user’s access to content by displaying interstitial ads or ads with automatic video playback with voice (don’t we all hate those?)

Google Chrome’s ad filter will not only seek to block such ads and popups, it will also block any other ad on that website (including those by Google), which is compliant with Google’s better ad policy i.e. if you annoy users with big or large number of ads or interstitials or worse those popups with affiliate links, none of the ads on your website will be visible to the Chrome user!

As a blogger and webmaster, who makes a living off of the ad revenue, I am all for such an ad filter. After all, these annoying websites (including some of the largest news publications in the world) are the reason for the growing popularity of ad blocking plugins and people disabling javascript altogether in the browsers.

Because at the end of the day, if you’re going to annoy and bombard users with ads, they will either leave or start blocking your ads.

This in turns hits the bottom line of webmasters and bloggers like me, who make a living off of the ad revenue, while doing their best to ensure that the users aren’t turned off by ads and can get access to free quality content that we offer, without being forced to withstand annoyance in the form of adverts.

This is what Google is also trying to do since vast majority of its revenue comes from its advertisement business and it is in everyone’s interest (publisher, ad network, and the reader) that the ads which are being displayed, are part of good user experience, rather than an annoyance we all can do without.

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