Jaguar Land Rover cuts prices by 10.9 lakh!

Jaguar Land Rover India today announced an immediate reduction in the price of its vehicle by 12%, ranging from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 10.9 lakh.


As per Jaguar Land Rover India, thanks to GST, its vehicles will become cheaper by around 12% from the 1st of July 2017. However, it has decided to pass on the tax benefits with immediate effect.

Jaguar has reduced the price of XE, XF, and XJ, by Rs. 2 to Rs. 10.9 lakh, based on the model. While the price of Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque has been reduced by Rs. 3.3 to Rs. 7.5 lakh.

In a press statement issued today, Rohit Suri, President and Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India, said, “Implementation of GST is a historical moment for India which will not only benefit consumers but is also expected to make the whole tax regime simpler and more transparent. In support of this initiative from the Government of India and in line with Jaguar Land Rover’s Customer First philosophy of also being transparent and dependable, we are pleased to proactively pass on benefits linked to the expected price reduction to our customers with immediate effect.”

In the recent days, pretty much all the luxury car manufacturers in India have begun offering discounts and special benefit on their vehicles in India, citing upcoming price reduction thanks to GST, which will reduce the tax burden on them and simplify tax regime throughout India.

For the customers, it seems, now is the right time to go in for their dream car, that too at a discount!

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