Made in India iPhone to be available starting this month!

Apple India is beginning the initial production of iPhone SE in India and is expected to ship the Indian assembled iPhones in May itself.


Wistron Corp based in Bengaluru has been tasked with manufacturing or rather, assembling the first batch of iPhones in India and initially, it would be limited to Apple’s 4” smartphone, iPhone SE.

As per analysts, if iPhones are assembled in India, they could en up costing Rs. 6,000 less, due to reduction in import duty. Though it remains to be seen, price benefits, if any, would be passed on to the consumer by Apple.

Meanwhile, Western Corp, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, has applied for permission to expand its Bengaluru plant, requesting the Karnataka Government to fast-track its application process.

Hopefully, soon Apple will start manufacturing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in India as well, once they are satisfied with the quality control of their Indian manufacturers.

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