Mathurs of Hum Paanch : Ready to Return

Power packed Minakshi, swinging a belan, while lecturing upon uselessness of marriages. Curly haired, bindaas Sweety, running helter skelter to open the door, while singing a peppy bollywood number.


Brilliant Radhika bumping into doors and people, as she is too busy in her head.

Adorable Kajal Bhai with a tilted cap and tapori language. And, the gossip monger, super cute Chhutki..

Who can forget Hum paanch? Certainly not the TV viewers of 1990s in India. Perhaps, it was the only serial, where character’s names, totally overpowered the actors names and background. Mathur family seemed as real as your neighbors. And, their antics brought laughter, every night, in country’s living rooms.


Recently, it is announced that Mathurs of Hum paanch, are getting ready for a comeback. Though this time, there would be no Ekta Kapoor, for production. And, the plot, is to be given a modern twist.

Hum paanch had been a runaway success for five continuous years, from 1995 to 1999. Viewers’ eyes used to light up, everytime camera was focused on garlanded photo of Priya Tendulkar. As a dead wife, she was so concerned (read intrusive) and helpful (well…) that a hearty laughter was bound to follow.

Ashok Saraf as the eternally harassed father and husband, was endearing. So was pretty though a little over dramatic Shoma Anand. And the tagline “Aunty mat kaho na” was so popular that, we as kids, used it as a standalone joke. Oh My ! What a huge success was the Mathur Family of Hum paanch.

The concept was unique, treatment was fantastic and actors, top notch. For 05 years, Hum paanch remained on pinnacle and most of its actors, successfully carved a niche for themselves. With Vidya Balan, being certainly the most successful.


Though, the show’s second season, aired from 2005 to 2006, couldn’t boast of similar success.

It would be interesting to watch, whether the third season, about to begin, would be able to bring Mathur family back in favor or not.

The show is titled Hum paanch Fir se and the cast is being finalized.

Let’s see, what kind of impact, Mathur family makes in its third season. Will the third time prove lucky or will it join the league of once great, now forgotten memories…

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