Now Bahubali as A Novel!

Director S. S. Rajamouli is in no mood to let the curiosity around Bahubali die down.

His first movie Bahubali:The Beginning earned multiple crores and set many records for superb graphic effects and larger than life persona.

The second movie Bahubali 2:The Conclusion has run full house for entire first week and is rumored to have amassed more than 500 crores already.

Fans throng to the theatres to know why Katappa killed Bahubali and came back super impressed with the humongous special effects.

The-Rise-of-Sivagami-Book-1-of-Baahubali-Before-the-Beginning But, the story does not end here. In fact, Bahubali has opened the possibility of a vast fantasy fiction drama. Ready to explore other ventures, Rajamouli is out with another dhamaka.

He has associated with Westland Books to present the story of Bahubali:Before the Beginning!

Yes, you heard it right. We would soon be immersed in the fantasy kingdom of Mahishmati in written form. And, the author is none other than Anand Neelakantan of Asura fame.

The Cover page of the first book in the series titled Bahubali: Rise of Sivagami was released at Jaipur Literature Festival by Rana Daggubati and S.S. Rajamouli.

The first book would trace the story of Sivagami, who is the orphaned daughter of a man slain as a traitor. As in the movie, Bahubali the Beginning, it was Sivagami, the rajmata who saved Shivudu, it would be interesting to read as to how she became a queen!

The Arka Mediaworks, that produced Bahubali, finalized the novel after successfully exploring other trans media tools such as graphic novel, virtual reality and an animated series.

The story of other two books of trilogy is kept under close wraps. Though, it is rumored to focus on Katappa and his rise to power.

If you have already watched Bahubali the movies and/or smitten with the kingdom of Mahishmati and the fantasy fiction, woven around it. Grab your copy of Bahubali:The Rise of Sivagami ASAP.

The Bahubalis are here to stay…

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