Plastic Bottle House

Environmentalists have been arguing against the use of plastic for years. As it is a petroleum based non biodegradable product, that may take almost 500 years to decompose, plastic is indeed one of the biggest ecological threat. Most of the Government bans have fallen flat on the face and so has been the fate of attempts at Social Awareness.

However, a German based NGO has come up with an innovative, appealing and yet practical idea to deal with the Plastic menace. The EcoTec founded by Andreas Froese has developed this ingenious technique to use Plastic Bottle as construction material for building houses!


Yes dear, you read it right. EcoTec claims that the PET bottles can be filled with sand, glued together by mud, to construct formidable walls. As the bottles are filled with compact sand, they are not brittle as bricks. They have great strength to withstand shocks and are touted as bullet proof. Moreover, the sand in bottles is supposed to keep the houses cooler. And is quite suitable for creating Green Rooms, proving to be environmentally beneficial, by supporting plants and greenery. A complete turn around from the harmful, adverse effects, plastic is usually associated with.

A village in Nigeria has been taken up as a model for these plastic houses and is garnering tourism on this account.

Though, the amount of sand required for this project is humongous, leading to sand mining on a large scale. It remains to be seen whether it will solve one problem, and surreptitiously create another ecological hazard. Well, only time will tell. Till then, plastic bottle houses do appeal as a page straight out of fiction.

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