Renault Duster gets zero stars in crash test!

When most of us go out to buy a car, we often look at styling, performance, comfort, mileage etc. and fail to look at one of the most crucial aspects of a car, safety!

It is little wonder then that the automobile manufacturers in India don’t pay much attention to safety and us consumers, even less. Often buying variants without airbags, because they are cheaper!

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Renault Duster base variant (without airbags) has scored a whopping zero in a crash test conducted by Global New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) for adult occupants. Thankfully child occupant test (with child seats which most of us Indians do not use) scored a little better at 2 stars!



Here is the crash test video of the Renault Duster.

However, what is surprising and at the same time, worrying is the fact that while the airbag variant of Renault Duster scores 3-star rating for adult occupant test. It is 1 star less than the Renault Duster sold in Latin America, which scores 4 stars, thanks to use of bigger airbags (I wonder how much money was saved by using slightly smaller airbag?)

This means, even if you have bought an airbag variant of Renault Duster in India, you can still end up with head injuries, thanks to the smaller airbag being used!

This really raises a question in my mind, do Indian lives matter less?

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