Rohtang Pass reopens, for locals!

The high-altitude Rohtang Pass has reopened for vehicular traffic, albeit only for the locals and that too unofficially.

What does that mean?

Essentially it means that even though the pass is now clear of several feet of snow and vehicles being driving by expert drivers can ply on this route. The road itself is still fairly dangerous to allow regular traffic to cross through.

Since the road is not only narrow but also cover under snow. And even the lightest snowfall can end up blocking it and thereby trapping those traversing the pass.

The good news is, the pass has reopened, so even if there is heavy snowfall or avalanche, BRO would be able to quickly clear it and restore traffic.

The bad news is, unless you’re a local belonging to Lahaul or Pangi Valley, you won’t be able to drive up to Rohtang Pass, just yet. You will have to wait for the pass to be officially reopened for tourists, which will likely take another couple of weeks.

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So if you were planning to head to Manali to play in snow, make sure to make your plan accordingly, so that you don’t come back disappointed.

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