Sadhguru: A Snake Catcher!!

Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. And, when it comes to doing things differently, trust the new age guru Isha Sadhguru to take an altogether different highway.

I was listening to a video yesterday, where Sadhguru was offering advice on being a successful businessman. He said that to taste success, one must enhance one’s vision. As a leader, one must be able to see the situation and understand people in a new light, that is invisible to others.

Food for thought indeed 🤔

However, what really caught my attention, was the little incident Sadhguru narrated, from his childhood. He said that he started earning money at a tender age of 7, by catching snakes!!

Oh My! That statement stopped me in my tracks. An innocent child being exposed to such dangers, is bound to elicit such a reaction. However, it is also true that kids in their innocence, often play with dangerous creatures, as they are fearless and thus can command supreme power and confidence.

As for the love of snakes, Sadhguru still keeps them as his pets. And he casually explains that “We may have evolved from monkeys bodily, but as far as our soul is concerned, it is more in tandem with snakes.”


In spiritual world, the word Kundalini, where our supreme power is supposed to reside, actually resembles a snake only. Even Indian mythology, reverberates with such symbols. Sheshanag is shown as the Carrier of Earth. Lord Shiva is often portrayed, wearing snake garlands. And, in general, snakes are worshipped as our ancestors, protecting wealth.

It is then little wonder that a person, in connection with his conscious and unconscious energy, is bound to feel the same energy pulsating through harmless though poisonous reptiles.

Though, I view him as a Snake Lover now, instead of Catcher 😊 is his official website

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