Tesla, not coming to India anytime soon!

There is something about the electric cars Tesla makes, which makes them seem more usable and acceptable than other electric vehicles, including the only electric car currently in production in India, Mahindra E2O.


I guess this has to do with the fact that the Tesla cars are actually beautiful, functional and have enough range to be sufficient enough for vast majority of people. Couple that with the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of Elon Musk, and you have a potent mixture that even Volvo Car’s CEO acknowledges and respects.


Last year in March, Elon Musk had announced his plans to bring Tesla to India and install a country wide supercharging network.

However, in a tweet he responded to yesterday, has dashed hopes of the Indian electric vehicle enthusiasts.

India’s rule of sourcing 30% of the components locally in order to qualify for tax benefits has become a stumbling block for Tesla’s entry into India.

Importing the completely built car or even importing the components and assembling them in India would put Tesla’s cars out of the reach of most people, thanks to extremely high import duties.

Now it remains to be seen when Tesla actually comes to India and whether the Indian Government gives them some relaxation initially, in order to promote electric vehicles and green technology in India.

Until then, there is always E2O you can buy…

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