Vinod Khanna : End of an Era

Vinod Khanna, one of the most handsome heroes of Bollywood, succumbed to Bladder Cancer, this morning, in Mumbai.


He had been battling with the disease for years now. And, his condition had deteriorated significantly in the first week of April.

Though, nobody can escape the merciless pangs of Death, yet seeing one of our most Charismatic, Magnetic hero, suffer so badly, was heartbreaking. A few days ago, a pic of old, haggard Khanna did rounds on social media, creating massive shock among his fans.

I am not going to post that pic as I would always love to remember Vinod Khanna, as the strong, dashing, smart Cop, he played in numerous films.


Vinod Khanna may have breathed his last, this morning. But, he would remain alive in the hearts of Indian Movie Lovers for a long long time.

Rest in Peace, Vinod. An era ended with you, the era of powerful, dominant heroes…

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