Want to Lose Weight? Enjoy a Hot Bath!!!

Want to lose weight? Go no further than your hot water tub!

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Unbelievable? Believe it!

I am sure If Archimedes was alive today, he must have once again shouted “Eureka! Eureka!!” And ran naked on the streets in pure bliss.

The news sounds too good to be true and yet it has been confirmed by a Research Scholar that the amount of calories burnt by Soaking in a Hot Water Bath is roughly the same as used by Running!

Yes, this astonishing fact has been confirmed by Dr. Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University. He says a soak may have similar benefits to exercising as it pertains to preventing type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Faulkner has acceded that hot water has always been comforting but it’s passive heat can actually help you lose weight, is an altogether new discovery.

As per the research done by him, sitting comfortably in hot water for one hour would actually burn same calories as done by running for half an hour. Additionally, the anti inflammatory properties of hot water, also boosts immunity of the body.

Dr. Faulkner made an experiment on two groups of people. One group was asked to relax in hot water tub at 40℃ for one hour, and the other was asked to do cycling for the same amount of time. Their purpose was to raise the body temperature by one degree Celsius.

Though Cycling did burn more calories, the researcher was able to prove that half an hour of running and one hour of soaking, actually burn same amount of calorie, despite the huge difference between the efforts required by these two activities.

It was also noticed that peak levels of blood sugar after eating, spiked less in those who took hot water treatment than those who simply exercised.

The findings are yet to be carefully investigated for long term effects, but it sure seems to be a cheerful news for Diabetics. Who may relax and indulge in a luxury bath, all in the name of health!

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